der M Are you looking for an experienced DMS/SAP consultant?

Let me briefly introduce myself:

I have more than seven years of experience with implementing DMS solutions and worked on 15 different projects in that time. Being responsible for pre-sales, analysis, project lead, customizing, training, support and beyond. My SAP experience dates back to 2005; having started with ERP software in 2000, I have worked with a lot of software solutions, databases and programming langues.

I worked with FIS/edc, OpenText, SAP Records Management, SAP DVS (DMS/PLM), ArchiveLink as well as EAI solutions, several scan clients and transport management systems.
I also bring in some years of work experience as software developer. Having worked with C, Java, Assembler, COBOL, C#, PHP, Oracle and so on.

My perspective at the moment is to get more knowledgeable about new products in the DMS/ECM scope, mobile solutions, HANA and delve more into current development technologies. I am also very keen to get to learn about new technologies in general.

Currently I'm working on an option to request my CV automatically.

In the meantime, please feel free to use the contact form or visit one of my profiles:

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